Vegan Mofo Post #5: Spring Break In Toronto Part Three

This is a reflection of one travel regret of 2017: Toronto, a place I miss. I didn’t have enough time to squeeze this in. Next year is a promise.

It remains the only Canadian province I’ve visited thus far, having spent a day or weeks during winter, spring, and summer. Their casual summer breezes are heavily reminiscent of Philly’s pleasant autumn temperatures. Of course, summer was my favorite of the three experiences—warm, gorgeous weather made for great long walks along Bloor Street. For today, I focus back on a splendid March, enjoying fashionable sights and sounds, eating mouthwatering food alongside most amazing friend for company. I am so lucky to have an amazing second family to “come home” to.

Before we were granted the full on shared meal enjoyment, our waitress gave us all hot towels to clean our hands. Thankfully, my friends wanted to eat the vegetarian platter which includes split pea curry in two ways, collard greens, red and golden beets, black lentils, red lentils, and pan fried green beans with carrots. It was such a beautiful, extravagant way of eating, folding up thin, bubbled bread, piecing it off, scooping up different dishes. The food is gorgeous and flavorful.

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