Vegan Mofo Post #18: Exceptional Side Dishes at El Vez

El Vez is a popular Mexican fusion restaurant located in the hopping happening part of Center City Philadelphia. There are plenty of vegan items to eat when your friends decide to eat at a non-vegan spot.  I was skeptical, a little hesitant. It’s not my usual haunt, but for the girls I would. After all, I’m sort of like the Lynn Searcy. In fact, I’m the Lynn Searcy in every group of my girlfriends (only the vegan, bohemian spirited, “strange” dresser aspect).

Although El Vez has a kale salad with creamy cashew ranch dressing, I was pleased by the side menu items, especially Plantains con Queso that I could order without the con Queso. They even let me have grilled corn straight off the cob sans the butter and queso. Together, with the amazing black beans and rice with generous slices of beautiful green avocado, the lovely presented meal was delicious. I would definitely go again for the plantains alone. They had an addictive crispy exterior with a soft, tender texture that made it a little hard to share with my meat taco loving friends.

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