What Happened In Toronto Just Cannot Stay In Toronto

“Time is the most valuable thing a man (woman, etc.) can spend.”-Theophrastus

Sunday was a comic’s dream. So many cracked jokes. So much addictive fun. Time, however, was most wonderful gift bestowed. That people sacrifice a brisk weekend for charity giving, spending hours with fans, and simply hanging out around a fascinating town touched sensitive bohemian spirit. I don’t think one hundred repetitive “thank yous” expresses length of gratitude flooding through my veins.

I found myself dazzled and overjoyed about coming to Kate Linder’s Young and the RestlessTea Event– funds raised to support March of Dimes, a 63-year-old organization committed to offering people with disabilities advantages, showing them deserved human decency, gracious patience, and amiable respect. Kate (Esther) would be co-hosting and actors– Sean Carrigan (Stitch), Bryton James (Devon), and Toronto native Mishael Morgan (Hilary) of fictional Genoa City came along to freely support her as well as engage with dedicated fans. If you must know, I am a new found fan of the Hevon pairing– portmanteau of Hilary and Devon characters flawlessly played by Mishael and Bryton. I came because of them, in hopes of them. Kate and Sean were just cake frosting. And cake frosting is addicting.

First of all, I took the roaring, exploring 11:30 PM Megabus up to Canada, on top deck seats. I had forgotten red lipstick and my copy of Morris Micklewhite, a little bummed. Yet wheels rolled round and round and we escaped Philadelphia’s rain showers. Sky happenings started unveiling beautiful imagery. One must take ample advantage of the clear rooftop windows– never know what might dazzle eyes. Rather enjoyable lying on back, watching steadfast moonlight follow in hot pursuit, shining on mystical white clouds swirling about. Either Big Dipper or Little Dipper revealed itself. Brightest story element sat on constellation edge, sparkling prettier than most expensive diamond. I wanted to make a wish on it, but the trip was already at a corny phase. Didn’t want to push it further.

By morning, everyone had to go to U.S. Customs. Lo and behold they ask for passports and reasons for leaving the country.

“I’m attending a soap opera convention.” Yes, I tried sounding normal– keeping excitement to hushed minimum. Because a compulsive fangirl going to afternoon tea trying best not to act like crazy Mad Hatter was going to be laughable. Agent had the straight, non expression face like a London guard, but his blue eyes sparkled mischievously. It wasn’t a secret that he probably found daunting “excuse” quite funny and would laugh about it later once out of earshot.
“Have a good time,”  he said.

Once hitting pass Canadian border, my phone went into Roger Wireless Status, meaning “you’re on your own! I help you no further!” It was like Frodo leaving Sam at the end of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Frodo left Sam the Shire and bounced off on trotting horse, never looking back. My phone left me a shell devoid of its functions. Darn it AT&T it’s Canada. Not across the glittery Atlantic. So rude.

I was happy to discover a Starbucks near the exit stop. Hot Gingerbread Soy Milk Latte calmed frustrated nerves and warmed chilled spirits. I passed time drawing pictures and listening to various dialects and languages. From time to time, I commiserated over fabulous downtown architecture, reveling in the Momotofu dragon out front.

Alas, it was nearing two– time of the tea hour. I left rather late, feeling sugared rushing anticipation slowly dying on the cold walk towards 1 Harbour Square. Confidence coffee didn’t perform well. I should not have gotten decaf. When I finally reached destination, after entering wrong building and taking short skywalk, I stood in the lobby twiddling anxious thumbs, too freaking nervous to burst through closed doors. Kind, gentle custodian lady, with sweetest thick accent, lured me into reality and convinced me that there was nothing to be scared of. Yes, sometimes with abyssal self doubt it is far too easy to stay deeply latched inside complicated butterfly knots. Its both oceanic uncertainty and nonsensical turmoil brewing erratic beans together.

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