Perfect save the dates wedding cards your guests will love

The entire wedding is for the bride and groom, the only thing that is specifically designed for the guests is either the wedding invitation or the food. All the rest is for the couple.

Those who wish to please their guess because they would be the one to make their wedding an exciting and memorable event, can go for some good and elegant save the date cards.

In this article, we would share with you 10 ideas for wedding invitations so let us get started.

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The simple and elegant wedding card

If you like pastel colours, then these are the wedding cards for you. Those who do not want to give an impression of a big fat wedding, and wish to have a formal look cna try peach, lime green, blue, and other pastel shades for the wedding invitation. For decoration, there can be some bold colored flowers or prints on the card. These wedding invitations are the most affordable ones. The best part about the simple wedding cards is their trend. They are never out of fashion and the couple would not go wrong with this decision.

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The engagement rings

Engagements are not big events, and only close relatives would have been invited. Thus, the main thing about an engagement event are the rings. It would be great to share the picture and the first look of your engagement rings to all the remaining guests who were not invited to your engagement. To create this wedding card you can take a good picture of your engagement rings, it can be either in the box, or you may have them on your finger.s whatever the best suits you would look great on your wedding card.

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 Picture of the couple

People are always amazed to see two new people together, ready to live a life together. It is thrilling, and we all would love to see the couple. So if you feel that all your acquaintances are fine enough to be happy to see you with your prospective partner, then the best way to send them a wedding invitation would be with a nice picture of you with your spouse. Such wedding cards are not very expensive, but look super great. Thus, if you feel that it would be a fine option, and you do not have enough money to splurge on  wedding invitations, then you must go for this option.

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The spring scene

If you wish to share a card with a symbol of power, strength, and energy, then the ebay way would be having a  design or scene from spring. You can either ask a graphic designer to draw one for you, or it would be great to take a simple picture of the flower blossoming in spring.

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The royal look

The royal looking cards are also pretty common, and no one wishes to skip them. So if you still admire the fairytale weddings, then the best idea is to have a cream colored background card, with a  golden font written on it. Do not forget to use the classical english font too. So that it must have the finest look.

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What else can we add to make the card look great?

To make the card look even better you should follow these steps.

  • Always mention the name of the bride and the groom at the very top of the invitation. It is super necessary, mainly because many guests would not know your first name,and when they will reach the venue they should know the name of the host to avoid any kind of embarrassment.
  • You can send these cards along with a few gifts, for example save the date magnets can be a great idea. As they will be an expensive option, you may think of getting some scented candles or chocolates for your guests.
  • Always make sure that the card is neat and clean. There should be not any dog eaten sides. Moreover, the date and the vneu on the card should be mentioned properly.
  • Nowadays, you may mention the venue with the link of google map, so that your guess must not get lost while tracking down the venue for your wedding.

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