KuCoin Gift Card | An Amazing Way To Earn Free Bitcoins

Everyone loves money, but who does not love money that can increase in value? Kucoin is here to offer you bitcoins worth 1500 US Dollars per month! Kucoin is one of the world’s best crypto trading platforms. It provides outstanding security via its sophisticated security system and a team of experienced security professionals, ensuring the user’s accounts and assets remain safe.

What Is Going On?

Kucoin is offering talented individuals the best creativity prizes. These prizes are 500 US dollars worth in bitcoins every month! So if you are creative enough, have a good audience, and want to earn some good money while making content, this is for you.You can earn free bitcoin by taking this opportunity.

What Do I Have To Do?

Every month, Kucoin provides a new topic for its creators. The creators are supposed to make content and publish it to their audiences. The best content and content creators will be winners of the bitcoins worth 500 US dollars.

You have to make content on the provided topic. This content can be in videos, images, art, pictures, articles, infographics, podcasts, and so much more.

What Are The Steps For This Participation?

So first, you check Kucoin’s topic and see what interests you. Then the second step is making the content. Check the rules for the competition to ensure you are not doing anything wrong. After this, the third step comes in which you publish your content with the hashtag “#GetFreeBTCwithKuCoin.” The fourth step is to submit your content to the Kucoins competition.

What If I Win?

Winners are announced by the 10th of each month. The rewards are given by the 15th of the same month. Here is the fun part, a single creator can win 3 times each month, which comes to 1500 US dollars worth in bitcoins!

Anyone interested can join this competition from anywhere, but the content must be in English only.

How Is Content Judged?

The content is evaluated based on the content quality, creativity, and how influential it was: the more influence, the better.

These hard-earned BTC can be traded for other coins as well once won. For example, you can sell them for XRP coins or ADA coins. XRP price are 0.30913 USD for each coin, and Cardano price or ADA coins are 0.477526 USD per coin.

Things To Keep In Mind

By participating in the Free BTC coin program by Kucoin, you agree to transfer copyrights of your content and works to Kucoin, which then reserves all rights to that content.

Plagiarized content will disqualify you from participation, and any posted content can be updated, revised, or reposted by Kucoin.

In conclusion, you need to make your creative content, publish it with the hashtag, submit it to Kucoin, and reap your rewards if you win. After all, Kucoin is a great platform and definitely worth the effort.

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