How to Open Up Your Eyes

The best way to open up your eyes is to use a light eyeshadow on your inner corner. You can use a small makeup brush to blend the shadow in, so you don’t create harsh lines. A darker shade should be used on the outer corner. Apply a dark highlighting color on the bottom of your eyelid. You can also highlight the brow bone lightly. This technique will make your eyes look bigger.

You can also highlight the brow bone to make your eyes appear larger. A lighter matte shade will draw attention upwards. When applying eyeshadow, try to choose a color that is a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. This will help illuminate your eye area more naturally and will brighten the area around your eye. To make your brow bone look more pronounced, apply a shade that’s two or three shades lighter than your skin tone.

The highlighter should be slightly darker than your skin tone. If you have dark eyelids, choose a shade that will not overpower your eyes. For oily skin, choose a darker one. If you have light eyelids, use a lighter shade of the brow bone to open your eyes. This will make your eyes look smaller and closer to your nose. A matte highlighter is a great choice for the brow bone because it gives your eye area a natural illumination.

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