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How to Add a Sink Filter

Installing a water filter under a sink is easy. All you need is a small drill and a tee fitting. A tee fitting diverts the cold water line to the filter, while the filtered water line runs from the filter to the faucet. You will need a 1/4-inch bit for the water line, and a separate line for the faucet. You will need to cut the cold water pipe, turn it off, and then plug the filter into the water line.

Before installing a new sink filter, make sure the existing faucet is unplugged and that the water filter is not obstructing it. Before installing an under-sink water filter, make sure you know the measurements of the old faucet. Measure the distance between the two, and mark the spot where you want to install the mounting bracket. Drive the screws halfway into the brackets. Once the new faucet is installed, you can replace the old faucet.

Installing an under-sink filter requires a little knowledge about plumbing. You will need to know where the new faucet will go. You will also need to find the location of the new faucet. You will need to measure and mark the area where the mounting bracket will go. Once you have located the placement of the mounting bracket, drive it into the wall the rest of the way. Afterwards, you will need to attach the pipe to the valve.

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