Cervical Screening – If You Have a Normal Smear But Are HPV Positive in the UK

The UK tests for HPV in women who have a normal smear but are HPV positive. Cervical screening is done every three or five years, depending on age and location. In the UK, your doctor will look for changes in cell lines and cellular structures if you have high-risk HPV. If you have either of these findings, you should return to your health centre for further testing at colposcopy. Not all cell changes will develop into cancer, but you will need to follow your doctor’s advice and get treatment if necessary.

If your smear contains abnormal cells but no evidence of HPV, you can relax. HPV does not cause cervical cancer and it is common in adult women. Your GP will recommend a follow-up smear in three to five years, depending on your age. If you still have no symptoms, your health professional will likely recommend a colposcopy. The test will not detect any problems, but will provide a clear picture of your current health.

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In Conclusion

If you have a HPV-positive smear, you should not worry about the future. A normal smear is an indication of HPV-free cervix. This means you have no signs of cervical cancer. You should go back for a routine smear three to five years later. You will be advised to undergo a colposcopy if your doctor suspects that you have cervical cancer.

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