Un Vegan Monde: The Vegan Corner Grocery Store of Dreams

I stopped inside Un Vegan Monde, an all vegan grocery store a short distance away from the Centre Pompidou. It was an amazing sight, a store where there were no bloody carcasses hanging in freezers or dairy free cheeses mingling with the cow and goat products. It was a place that I could see myself shopping every week, swinging along my reusable tote among the four aisles. I had only heard of vegan grocery stores being a huge thing in Berlin, Germany. To see this in Paris, in a cheese and egg loving society, it was a refreshing step back.

For starters, I had never seen so many different brands of vegan cheese in one place. There were up to eight sections of shreds, blocks, and slices. With no Daiya of Field Roast Chao in sight, the only North American import was the So Delicious Shreds and several kinds of Tofutti cream cheese.

As I laid on the hostel bed munching on these delightful treasures, things that I longed to have again, I imagined a store like this in Philadelphia, a small store in a corner someplace that sold only plant based options. Honestly, I am quite sick of Whole Foods Market’s disgusting displays, or the crammed fake meats situated among the dead realities at Trader Joe’s and other sad sights among my grocery store shopping. Un Vegan Monde was what I wanted to be present for the rest of my days. It’s every vegan dream come true.

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