Cloud Cakes Vegan Coffee Shop, The Chic, Cute Dessert Haven

Be ready for a few posts in Paris, France and Amsterdam, Netherlands as I travel through food, art, and culture. So far, the experience has been quite grand despite having gotten lost every single day, it’s easy to be swept away by phenomenal architecture and sophisticated fashion.
Although, I have been in Paris since Thursday afternoon, I didn’t have a full out vegan dining experience until yesterday– at my first pit stop, Cloud Cakes Vegan Coffee Shop. It is a lovely, quaint space with pretty chairs and sofas. The desserts display is outrageously decadent, like incredibly sumptuous works of art. Plus, the peeps are very, very friendly.

I loved-LOVED- loved this amazing cake!!! The whipped cream layers are light and airy with bursts of cherries in between like a delightful surprise and the chocolate cake is moist and rich. I cannot believe it’s vegan.

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