Vegan Mofo Post #21: The Vegan Jawn of the Dead Halloween Themed Pop Up

On a dreary Sunday, it rained an endless miserable symphony. Still, I wasn’t going to pass up a vegan pop up, especially celebrating my favorite holiday– Halloween. I took the train and walked in the downpour, entering The Rotunda located in West Philadelphia. Inside was a lively contagious enthrall of dressed vendors and guests, a scary music soundtrack that included Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” and lots of food samples. I purchased a $1 raffle ticket (no one called so no big loss). I tried yummy coconut jerky and admired spooky character mugs. I almost, almost got a Frida Kahlo or Jean-Michel Basquiat mug.
My favorite lady, Barb of Gone Pie was setting up. I ordered treats for my friends and I. Kindly, she let me park my wet umbrella in her area while I stalked off to look around the cobwebs and pumpkins. The Food Duo’s Carmella and Carlo were decked out in costumes. From their V Marks the Shop, I bought the infamous Miss Rachel’s Pantry’s Pub Cheese (cannot wait to try it!!!) and Europe’s dairy free favorite cheese brand Violife in the mozzarella flavored block.
Overall, I had such a blast. Looking forward to the holiday pop up!

Just a piece of my Halloween costume for tomorrow. Heehee. Thank you to the amazing ladies of Light Beings Healing Company for this gorgeous crystal flower crown. I also received a vile of beautiful smelling water. Then again, I might wear this every day.

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