Little Choc Apothecary’s Vegan Crepes & More

A few Thursdays ago, I came straight off the train and walked down Havermeyer Street. Excitement and eagerness kissed the warm day as I imagined phenomenal vegan crepes everyone was raving about– including a non-vegan artist chick I recently met. When a non-vegan raves about a vegan restaurant, it’s definitely a good sign.
Speaking of crepes, the last time I had a crepe was six years ago in France.

I liked the setting of Little Choc Apothecary. The interior has an earthy aesthetic with its pleasant bare wood grain beauty, live juice bar in active motion, and fresh fruit and plants popping around in random nook and crannies. Plus sitting at the stools to see fall leaves and feel the warm air breezing on a smiling face is pure rapture.

Plus, I entered at the tail end of Serge Gainsborough and Jane Birkin’s highly sensual song, “J’Taime’ Moi Non Plus” (listen at your own risk!). That was a surefire sign that a tantalizing experience– with food– awaited. The impressive menu made decision making hard, but I settled on a pizza crepe stuffed with coconut bacon and mushrooms, a chocolaty scone, and almond milk hot chocolate.

Digging in the crepe. The cashew cream was exceptionally flavored well and the smooth texture contrasted nicely against the sweet tomato sauce, the crunchy flair of coconut bacon, and the meatiness of the mushrooms. As for the crepe– soft and pliant, fork tender, nice balance between pancake fluff and thin airiness. Plus the basil made the day! So delicious. I made sure to devour slowly as to enjoy each bite affectionately.

I loved the French music, the food, the earthy atmosphere, but……. I wish the staff was nicer and made the place more welcoming– to everyone, not just their regulars. I would love to come back and try out the other crepes. In fact, I mentioned this all vegan creepy to a friend today. Yet it is a question of wanting to return back to that unsettling hostility…… *sighs*

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