Spicy Macaroni & Cheese

Vegan Mofo prompt number two is to recreate a childhood favorite. My favorite meal growing up was macaroni & cheese. I must have made hundreds of versions and so far have about 15 different ones on the blog. There are many vegan cheeses out there as well as raw, nutty concoctions, pumpkin and butternut squash purees and so forth. The way to creamy up a plain box of elbow macaroni has no limit. Back in the day, Ma made hers with a Kraft imitation brand, but to make it amazing and not solely rely on the orange powdery stuff, she added Crisco, garlic powder, milk, and sometimes if on hand extra cheese. If anyone knows, if you had no butter, no milk, or none of that extra cheese, thick globs of the orange chemical powder would not be stirred to perfectly even bliss.
Also, one of my favorite lunch meals at school was the macaroni & cheese paired with fish sticks- odd combination, but I liked it immensely:

Along with my childhood favorite meal, I must discuss the next female painter- Rachel Ruysch, a phenomenal 18th century realist still life painter. She was born in 1711, studied with a renowned painter at age 15, and eventually became the first female member of the prestigious Confrerie Pictura. Primarily in her later years, she was commissioned by a prince and his wife, painting visceral trompe l’oeil flowers with compelling capacity and sharp, intense sophistication, with a three-dimensional skill that exasperates and bewilders the mind.

One of the ingredients in this other special edition vegan macaroni is Just Mayo’s amazing new Chipotle flavor. I’m sure you have all heard that the American Egg Industry is after Hampton Creek’s product hardcore, angry fired up peddle pushers wanting Just Mayo to change their name and everything. It upsets me so. It’s downright ludicrous to justify ownership of “mayonnaise,” to say that by law, demandingly even, Just Mayo has no right to be call itself mayo without eggs. Pretty stupid. If this odd yet harmful argument goes through and wins, this could potentially inspire other industries to wage a constitutional battle with other vegan products like faux meats, dairy free cheeses, and so forth. They will use anything including the Webster Dictionary to belittle fortuitous vegan hopes and dreams….. *sighs*

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