A Taste of Yummylicious ‘Dao Palate’ In Brooklyn

According to Google, Dao Palate was the closest vegan restaurant near Brooklyn Museum. Famished “math” genius and all, I figured equation was worth trying out. There were a bunch of vegan-friendly stickers on the door appeasing and tantalizing my hunger. Yay! Sleek elegant pan-Asian flair atmosphere featured muted lights, wooden tables, and black seating. Modest attendance. Plus I must commend the waiter. Nothing better than a kind, super attentive waiter. My water glass stayed full. That always makes me happy. Always.

Raspberry white cheesecake was a sure fire winner. Sure it looks like a tiny slice of affection,. No. It was in fact a thick slab of mouth watering sweet allure. I made sure to eat slowly in order to savor gracious balance between thin layered tangy raspberry puree over towering white chocolate satisfaction. Creamy, firm, and slightly chilled with a dollop of whipped topping to tease the eye and whet the chocoholic spirit. Perfect end to a grand sumptuous meal.

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