Vedge-ing Out: Meeting Wonderful Vegans At Philadelphia’s Number One Elegant Vegan Restaurant

The story of fancy upscale Vedge in photographs and minute description.
First of all, I do appreciate my vegan friends Amanda and Sawyer for allowing me to be a part of their trip to Philadelphia having driven all the way from my beloved Ohio. It meant the world to not only meet them outside of cybersphere (Twitterverse), but into the realm of reality, breaking fourth wall dimension. There is always something special, endearing even to feel kindness sparking between conversations of 140 character limited spaces. To meet people in person and feel beyond scope of that cordial experience is overall amazing, especially when those very people are vibrant and kind.
Amanda and Sawyer not only treated me to a delightful city gem, but to the pleasurable gift of their time and company. Time and company are gifts that we must not waste.

So, one day, in the middle of fresh falling snow last Saturday, after day one workshop with a renowned artist, I caught the subway. Vedge. I had heard so much about it. Read the reviews. Heard the presses. And for the first time ever, I would be eating there among great company. Just had the best vibes on the train and knew things would be swell despite the roaring snowfall. I almost passed it by. Until I heard my name being called from a charming bricked building atop stairs.
Among inviting intimate interior atmosphere of Vedge Restaurant, dimmed lights and muted tones, were awaiting dear friends having an incredible meal and indulgent conversation.
From “The Vedge Bar,” we started off with unbelievably incredible rutabaga fondue served alongside rutabaga salad, charred onions and pistachio and soft pretzel; pickled avocado stuffed with pickled cauliflower, romesco, “fried rice,”  and black salt; and salt roasted golden beets with side of smoked tofu, rye, capers, and creamy cucumber sauce.
The fireplace was charming, enhancing euphoric mood. Very wonderful quiet against our enchanted conversation, warming and healing us from Jack Frost’s mild snowfall. I felt like we were tucked inside a Vermont cabin, blanketed from cold, feasting on divine food and splendid conversation. That was rich sophistication all in itself.  Although we ended Vedge on a wonderful note, our conversations and enjoyment came to heed at the nearby Barnes & Noble. Nothing like being surrounded by books to burn off the calories of a rather fine meal. Thank you so much to Amanda, Sawyer, and Vedge Restaurant for making a snowy near blizzard Saturday a beguiling memorable evening.

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