The Amazing Kitchen 17 Where Vegan Deep Dish Pizza Awaits

On a cool Tuesday evening, after a sweet ride with a truck driving, storytelling Uber driver from down south, I met a fellow brown vegan sis for dinner at Kitchen 17, one of the best vegan spots in Chicago. The restaurant is currently renovating their new location– a sleek muted light venue with lots of natural wood elements.

This was excellent! Hands down one of the best restaurant pizzas I’ve ever eaten. I loved the flavorful crust (that wasn’t the least bit dry) and all the flavors of juicy tomato sauce and oodles of cheesy goodness. I barely could find the seitan sausage, but that wasn’t a problem. With tantalizing pizza bliss overload, I was so glad to have wonderful conversations with the dear company. We talked everything from food to careers to Fenty Beauty (although cruelty free there are several products of Rihanna’s launched cosmetics company that are not vegan).

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