Vegan Mofo Post #8: Birthday Brunch at Delice & Sarrasin

Brunch was a posh affair at Greenwich Village’s vegan and organic French restaurant, Delice & Sarrasin. I felt transported to an exclusive look at how my Paris trip would be inside this illustrious tiny cafe. Among the French music, the whispered chatter and delicate clings of forks touching dishes.

It was a tough decision between an array of savory and dessert crepes including the La Suzette (a flambé crepe with Grand Marnier, orange, butter, and sugar), artisan cheese plates, and French toast. They have a raw vegan foie gras, tartare steak made of pea protein, beets, and coconut oil, gluten free creme brulee, and raw chocolate mousse.

Delice & Sarrasin is small and charming, with flowers and brick walls, and accents that transport the hungry guest to another culture. However, I feel guilty for not attempting one ounce of French, conducting poor American etiquette (pointing at the things on menu). I solemnly swear to be as sophisticated as the couple sitting next to me, swinging in from our tongue to polished French articulation in a single, eye/ear-envying moment.

This is Gaufres Noisette Chocolat– almond milk waffles with chocolate hazelnut spread, sliced succulent strawberries, and luscious coconut whipped cream. A Belgian waffle meets crepe feel, these refined beauties have dense, moist, and crunchy turns. Components, when all glazing fork together, weren’t overly sweet, relying solely on pure elements to make for a sophisticated end to an otherwise charming brunch.

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