A Short Visit Home Part One: Butter Cafe Goodies & Mom Love

Whenever in Dayton, a vegan’s best bet is always a morning trek to Butter Café for delicious plant based dishes. I tried out the tofu scramble tacos (which was a special of the day) on a bed of mixed greens with a side of breakfast potatoes.

After breakfast, I visited my mom who is in fine spirits. I thank everyone for their well wishes. She is doing great. I brought her my first watercolor still life that I completed in a continuing education class. Mom liked the piece so much, it’s pinned to her corkboard alongside with a craft bunny she made on Easter.

It was difficult to pick a cupcake. I love having many vegan options to pick from. Unfortunately, there were no lemon treasures and I hadn’t had the time to find the raw vegan lady specializing in raw lemon blueberry cheesecakes. Yet Butter Café is no mere loser. In fact, I think we scored big with these pretty delights. I decided with the vegan trio– strawberry kiwi, snickerdoodle, and banana.

As we watched Maleficent, we ate our delightful, yummylicious cupcakes, the beautiful yellow rose banana being a sweet surprise. Ma had the strawberry kiwi (which flavor wise was the best! with a fruity, citrus cake and light frosting).

All in all, I enjoyed spending precious moments with my mom. I only see her once a year. Perhaps, I must change this habit. Time is a short, fickle thing that one cannot take lightly. The second I saw her smiling wide, sitting in her wheelchair waving from the window was a highlight of this trip back to Ohio.  I learned a lot: from talking a bunch about past and future, watching her undergo leg therapy, beating her old walking distance on the walker, retaining a happy spirit….
There are just some experiences a child (even at adult age) shouldn’t miss out on when it comes to their parents. They are getting older, but also fragile too.

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